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  • Kopš 2007 gada beigām šī direktorija ir saņēmusi 21,673,231 apmeklētājus.

10 jaunākās WEB hostinga kompāniju atsauksmes 2017

Salīdzini, izlasi un novērtē mājaslapu hostinga kompānijas. www.000webhost.com ir bezmaksas hostinga nodrošinātājs un šis ir citu hostinga kompāniju saraksts no kurām būtu ieteicams izvairīties! Mājaslapu administratori un lietotāji salīdzina, raksta atsauksmes par gandrīz katru bezmaksas vai maksas hostingu. Mūsu atsauksmju direktorija ir viena no lielākajām internetā ar 100% drošiem lietotāju komentāriem.

Atsauksme: glowhost.com autors: Gal Apodaca datums: 2017/10/02 laiks: 08:58
Good hosting experience with Glowhost.com - uptime is almost 100% and there were no issues that I had with other hosts in past. You will be very pleased.
Atsauksme: ultrasurge.com autors: Jorge Soares datums: 2017/09/27 laiks: 19:19
I've been here since 2009. At that time, it seemed a cheap and reliable host. Over time, I noticed that the Technical Support was very mean and arrogant, even once, threatening to delete the site.
No longer updating the products supplied, and when we complained they had little useful solutions.
An unswer to one of my request, is... "MySQLi is not supported at this time. Please use PDO or MySQL."
Were solutions like this, and a bad atitude and arrogant dialogue that made me leave Ultrasurge.
Nowadays, there are other best hosts, with a Technical Support as it should be.
Atsauksme: host-ed.net autors: Ardath Benesh datums: 2017/09/27 laiks: 09:00
Satisfied using host-ed dedicated server hosting services.
Great support! Thanks for all your help, which has been helpful and prompt, even on weekends and in the evenings!
Atsauksme: gigapros.com autors: Alonso Perez datums: 2017/09/27 laiks: 08:39
Their customer support team work 24/7 and always ready to help. They helped me with setup.
My website was up and running after 20 minutes. Gigapros speed connectivity is very good - really fast and my visitors are happy with load speed time.
I recommend this host to all webmasters browsing the web and looking for professional hosting provider.
Atsauksme: hostgator.com autors: Emma kate datums: 2017/09/26 laiks: 16:06

“I’ve used 5 or 6 web hosting service providers over the last 7 years, including Livemnc and many of the popular shared hosting providers.

The one I keep coming back to is LiveMNC.com, where I currently host more than ten domains. It’s a great host for sites with low to medium traffic and everything you want is easy to set up. I’ve been impressed with their uptime and their tech support department is extremely responsive and helpful if there’s ever an issue.”

My 7 to 8 years support/sales experience is good with both web hosting companies :-

1) livemnc.com
2) hostgator.com
Atsauksme: dynadot.com autors: John Mark datums: 2017/09/22 laiks: 22:52
Don't even think about registering. I registered for a free domain and they ended up posting my phone number and email address. I am now being inundated with calls and email messages from people asking to be hired to build my website. It's so annoying, worse thing is that you cannot pick up all the calls and so may end up missing important calls.
Atsauksme: netcetera.co.uk autors: Craig datums: 2017/09/22 laiks: 15:36
We have been with them for 5 years (having used several of their services). We just finally migrated our last site away from them THANK GOD!!!

By far the worst hosting provider we have ever used.

Their support is HORRIBLE. It doesn't matter if you have a managed account or not... you can always count on their support to be pretty, well... un-supporting.

We discovered a problem that was within their network (not on our server) that grinded our business to a halt. They were incapable of resolving the matter (in fact, they would barely even bother to lift a finger until we threatened to leave).

We also paid extra to have automated backups with them. Just about every single time we checked on them they would not be running. They will never be proactive in figuring it out for you. When we would catch it, they would never credit any of the money. They would take days to get it fixed each time (only to fail again a couple weeks later unbeknownst to us).

Even though our website didn't work at all during the last billing period, they still wouldn't issue a refund.

This place is a JOKE!

Atsauksme: colocrossing.com autors: Dave Steele datums: 2017/09/21 laiks: 21:47
There is so much spam coming from colocrossing.com it is unbelievable. How has this company not been shut down by its own incompetence.

It is just staggering the amount of garbage that is spewed out by these servers. Additionally, the "support" to get it stopped is non-existent.

Support is basically a 50 year old guy eating chips on his mothers couch in the basement trying to get his 6 year old nephew to smoke a cigarette while playing Xbox and watching porn on his phone. Its absolutely ridiculous.

If you are even THINKING about using this service you have to be checked by a mental health professional.
Atsauksme: ewebguru.com autors: shubham goyal datums: 2017/09/21 laiks: 08:43
Very Poor Service, Very Slow Service, Bocked IPs automatically, no data backup, very bad customer support,
Atsauksme: ewebguru.com autors: Ram Gupta datums: 2017/09/21 laiks: 08:08
About e-web guru, is very worst hosting provider ever seen in my life. This is very cheap hosting provider that why they could not give good service. Always my website are get down, always IP conflict issue, database is not import properly, and many more. I am really too suffer with this server.
Kindly request to all who want to purchase any type of hosting server form e-web guru Please do not purchase hosting otherwise you will be suffer as like me. You can contact me directly with my mobile no 09630315999.
I purchase server before 1month but I create 20 ticket and daily call. They are not give proper issue he always try to fool you. I have all ticket no and mail that I send.

When I told back my money they always say talk with billing department. And billing departing says I cannot do anything. So I am suggest to all Please do not purchase this server.
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